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Safehouse is a horror game set in a future where robots have taken over and have begun to experiment on humans. The player’s goal is to escape a test lab disguised as a house by using tools and objects they find throughout the game to work their way out. They will need to avoid being captured by robots roaming the lab as they explore various areas in order to find an exit. Using a combination of screwdrivers and fuses found around the house and lab, the player is able to gain access to new areas and find their way to freedom.


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Really good atmosphere... really gave me the creeps in parts 😂 Really enjoyed it .. 

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Great design and gameplay!  Really hope you continue working on this one as it as a lot of potential. 

Small bug report: you can actually take the first fuse back to the door that requires two fuses and it'll accept the one at which point you have to restart the game. Best to lock the other door leading out too.

(The below video is a complete walkthrough with ENDING and roleplay commentary from "The Voice". If you enjoyed the video like and subscribe for more indie horror.) 

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Thanks for the feedback, we'll look into the bug you found. We're surprised you finished the game because most people don't seem to be able to. After we released the game we realized we made a design error. After the player escapes the house and gets to the "lab", the player should be able to turn left to take an easier route but we didn't place enough fuses for this to be a possible option. We'll be fixing this soon but thanks for your support. <3

Thanks for the reply. I do love a good challenge and will say that I did go back a few times to see if there was another way out having found the one fuse. I'll be sure to follow for any updates as I would love to play more of this game. 

XOXO - C.P. 

Really cool game. I like the enemy design and the lighting is great. 

Thank you very much.  :)

Hi! Thanks for making this game, I made you a video


I was watching the video to see your playthrough, is it only supposed to be 30 seconds?

Yeah sorry, I didn't feel like editing the rest, and kinda made the video for someone, the scenario is weird


Wasn't really what I was expecting but thanks.

lol no problem

I really enjoyed this game it looks really good and runs well I am stuck on one bit lol i will attempt to complete it soon  if you would like yo see my attempt here it is: 


Safehouse - | Robot Horror |


It's very flattering that you'd make a youtube video on our game.

Thanks so much for making the game. It made my heart beat so fast at certain points, and in the beginning when it bashes in the door. I really did not see that coming at all. 

It is an interesting start. I wish the robots had some sort of unique noise when they are present and not chasing you. That and some backstory on paper would be nice as well.

There actually is a sound to the robots but something happened when we built the game and you either have to basically touch them to hear it or its just been entirely removed. It will be fixed in the near future.